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Sunday, May 22, 2011


"Poor" is one who can not change your life, accepting the impositions of other people or society in which he lives, unaware that he is master of his fate.

"Fool" who is not seeking to be happy with what they get.

"Blind"is one who does not see his neighbor die of cold, hunger, misery, and only has eyes for his paltry problems and minor pains.

"Deaf" is one who has no time to hear an outburst from a friend, or the appeal of a brother. Cause you are always rushing to work and want to ensure your pennies at the end of the month.

"Mute" is one who can not speak what he feels and hides behind the mask of hypocrisy.

"Paralytic" who is unable to walk toward those who need your help.

"Diabetic" is people who can not be sweet.

"Dwarf" is those who can not let love grow.

And finally, the worst is to be miserable failures because:

"Les Miserables" are those who can not speak with God.


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